Ka-Ron Brown Lehman

Ka-Ron Brown Lehman, Choreographer

Ka-Ron is an established muse for a host of well-known choreographers. She has taught for over 46 years and served as the Artistic Director of the LACHSA Dance Department from 2001 to 2006.

Career Achievements: American Choreography Educator Award, Distinguished Teacher Award as part of the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars, Drama Logue Critics' Award

Organizations: Annual Lehman Awards Founder (10yrs), CWC, BAMSO, Cincinnati Choreographers Collective, NAACP, AFTRA, SAG, Equity

Repertoire: Gayane, feature Hendricks’ Evolution of the Blues & Chuck Mangione US Tour, choreographed Bayer Aspirin Ben Vereen, produced S.O.S. Katrina

Education: Received a rich dance education of varied genres, from numerous masters. Saint Mary’s College of CA, LEAP Liberal Arts/Education

What do you hope the audience takes away from your work?: "Dance is a universal language, an exquisite method by which one can communicate freely. My goal while choreographing the talented CBC dancers is to open the doors to my soul and share my heart; as a result, this offers a safe environment filled with trust, the dancers then embrace that comfort as I visit their hearts. Then together, though their passionate and emotional dancing, we are able visit the hearts and souls of our audiences; helping them experience the deep emotional journey of the work. "

What does this production mean to you personally?: "It is so important for an artist to be given the opportunity to explore the walls of their soul, through the language of choreography. I am grateful to Victoria Morgan for giving me the opportunity to create, in a safe environment; and entrusting her talented dancers, to me."

What is the most fulfilling part of your work?: "The most fulfilling part of my work is to know that I have successfully opened the doors to the hearts of all participating in the journey, and touched their souls; myself, the dancers and the audiences."

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