Heather Britt

Heather Britt, Choreographer

Interview with Heather Britt: Transcript

Career Achievements: Choreography for Cincinnati Ballet 09-10 New Works, FAF Splash Dance choreographer, choreographer for multiple NKU productions

Organizations: Cincinnati Ballet, Northern Kentucky University, Uptown Arts

Repertoire: "It all started with my first piece of choreography at age 8, 'The Eye of the Tiger' which took place in my backyard!" 

Education: "I grew up in Cincinnati, attended SCPA for dance from grades 4-12, and performed as a professional modern dancer in San Francisco and Colorado."


What do you hope the audience takes away from your work?: "My hope is that the audience will connect to this piece by emotionally relating what they see on stage to a few of their own life experiences."

What does this production mean to you personally?: "I am so grateful to have the opportunity to choreograph for Cincinnati Ballet, especially to be a part of New Works. This production provides a place for creative freedom of expression and the space to experiment and grow as an artist. "

What is the most fulfilling part of your work?: "There are many fulfilling parts to working with Cincinnati Ballet on New works. First, the Cincinnati Ballet dancers are amazing to work with! The company is so diverse with their abilities. They are able to move with athleticism and grace and they are fearless. They approach the choreography with such positive attitudes and are willing to push to try new things. For a choreographer, that is truly a gift. It is so rewarding to see the final piece of choreography after everyone has worked so hard to make the piece a part of themselves. "

Can you tell us about some of the music featured in New Works?: "Peter Adams is a musical genius! This is our second collaboration and I am so happy to work with him again"

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