Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring


Oneself Perceived

March 16 - 17 | Aronoff Center for the Arts

Choreography for Rite of Spring: Adam Hougland

Music for Rite of Spring: Igor Stravinsky, performed by the CSO

Cincinnati Ballet Resident Choreographer Adam Hougland returns with his design partner Marion Williams. Their choreography and design for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring premiered in Louisville in 2009. Williams and Hougland honor the composition’s provocative history by creating around it a bold and daring world, expressing not a reverence of nature, but instead the dire consequences of turning one’s back on it.  “After creating Rite of Spring, I find I love Stravinsky for what he forces out of me. The music is intricate, detailed and bizarre in some places, and beautiful but kind of shrill and atonal in others,” says Adam Hougland, Cincinnati Ballet Resident Choreographer. “It pushes you as a choreographer. It’s not the kind of music I would just play at home. It’s hard work, but the more you work with it, the more you fall in love.”

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Louisville Ballet performs Hougland's Rite of Spring. Photo by Dave Howard.


Choreography for Vivace:  Val Caniparoli

Music for Vivace: Schubert, performed by the CSO

Audiences will also see Vivace, Val Caniparoli’s simply elegant, non-narrative nod to ballet classicism to Franz Schubert’s Symphony No 2 in B flat, D. 125. Caniparoli says, “I was commissioned to create this abstract work that related directly to the quality and style of music.”

Cincinnati audiences are familiar with Caniparoli, who choreographed the company’s most recent Nutcracker, which ran for ten seasons. “Abstract musicality was a departure for me - I'm used to creating work with a narrative or a deeper meaning,” he says. “But I love being challenged by directors who have something specific in mind. This work shows off the technical abilities of the dancers, without pretense. It’s pure, classical technique with no hidden meaning.”

Choreography for Oneself Perceived: Emmy-nominated Stacey Tookey, featured on So You Think You Can Dance

Music for Oneself Perceived: Olafur Arnalds

This new work focuses on fear and humanity’s twisted connection to this complex yet necessary emotion. Abstract, but intensely personal, Tookey explores our vast range of responses to fear, personified by the male dancers throughout the piece, as the women must decide whether they will conquer fear or if fear will conquer them.

“Fear keeps us safe. It keeps us alive. Protects us and keeps us from challenging ourselves. It dominates and controls, often paralyzing us. We struggle with it but it often wins,” says Tookey. “How do we gain enough courage to stand up to fear? And most of all....what would life be like without it?”

Stacey Tookey and dancer Maizyalet Velazquez visited Fox 19 to talk about the upcoming performance!

Friday, March 16 - 8 pm


Saturday, March 17 - 2 pm


Saturday, March 17 - 8 pm


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