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CB News Release: The Kaplan New Works Series 

7.23.12 - The Women's Book Magazine: The Women behind The Kaplan New Works Series

•8.16.12 - Cincinnati Ballet starts fresh (Interview at WCPO with choreographer Paige Cunningham Caldarella and dancer Courtney Connor)

•8.19.12 - "Somber lighting and neutral costumes contrasted with the rich complexity of Jessica Lang’s 2007 La Belle Danse, incorporating the full visiting company of 10 dancers and set to the sweeping music of Corelli, Handel, Mozart and de Prez. Dynamic partnering, rapid-fire pirouettes and women leaping in rapid succession into their partner’s arms matched the vibrancy of the classical music in a manner reminiscent of the high athleticism of Paul Taylor’s 1975 masterpiece Esplanade, which is set to the music of Bach." - Kerry Clawson of 

Read the full review from Cincinnati Ballet's performance in the Hienz Poll Summer Dance Festival here.

 8.21.12 - Fox 19: Cincinnati Ballet previews upcoming season

• 8.22.12 - Dance Magazine: New Choreo in Cincinnati

• 8.22.12 - A Somewhat Likeable Girl: Looking Ahead: The Kaplan New Works Series

• 8.24.12 - Valinkat: Four Women Choreographers Spotlighted In Cincinnati Ballet's "The Kaplan New Works Series" Set to Open Next Week

• 8.24.12 - Dressing Room Writers: Cincinnati Ballet's Ballet & Beer event: The Kaplan New Works Series breaks boundaries with female choreographers

• 8.25.12 - A Somewhat Likeable Girl: Ballet and Beer, Part 1: Pretty & Gritty

•8.26.12 - 365 Things to do in Cincinnati: Ballet and Beer

• 8.27.12 - A Somewhat Likeable Girl: Ballet and Beer, Part 2: Conversations with the Dancers

• 8.29.12 -- CityBeat: Fall Art Picks: Onstage, visual arts and lit

• 8.29.12 - Express Cincinnati: Exploring ballet's creative edges

•8.29.12 - Local 12: Medical Edge - Dancer returns to stage in New Works

• 9.1.12 - Cincinnati Enquirer: Women lead ballet's "New Works Series"

• 9.5.12 -- CityBeat: Cincinnati Ballet Spotlights Female Choreographers

• 9.5.12 - Valinkat: Heather Britt talks!

• 9.6.12 -- Kaplan New Works Takes The stage

 9.7.12 -- Ballet "New Works" shows dancers' connection

• 9.11.12 -- Cincy Chic: Jared Queen, ArtsWave

• 9.12.12 -- Valinkat: To Do Right Now: Cincinnati Ballet's Kaplan New Works Series




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