Pre-Pointe Workshop

Essential foundations for success on pointe

Being promoted to pointe work is an exhilarating turning point in every young dancer’s development. It requires essential strength, proper placement and a strong technical foundation to ensure success as dancer’s move into this inspiring yet demanding phase of their classical training. Cincinnati Ballet’s Pre-Pointe Workshop is designed specifically for those students who have just been placed on pointe in order to prepare them both body and mind for the transition. During the workshop, Cincinnati Ballet faculty guide students through the fundamentals of pointe readiness including where to sew ribbons and elastics, how to properly tie ribbons, how to break in new pointe shoes as well as how to strengthen the body and feet to reduce the risk of injury. Students will work through beginning pointe exercises with a focus on individual attention and proper placement.


  Ages 10-14
  Qualifications Dancers recently advanced to pointe work
A current evaluation from a dance medicine professional and a qualified instructor for pointe readiness
  Placement Teacher recommendation and relevant classical ballet coursework


  Session Dates June 1 - 5, 2015
  Hours Monday through Friday 4:30 pm to 6:45 pm


  Full Program $180 (includes $25 registration fee)


                 Registration opens March 1!
                 To register, please download the Pre Pointe Workshop registration form
                 Forms may be mailed or emailed to:
                                     The Otto M. Budig Academy, 1555 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45214
                                     Or at

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