Community & Outreach

Cincinnati Ballet offers a wide variety of high quality education and community programming, including:

"Thanks for teaching me to be more outstanding, and show off my personality." -- Diamond, 4th grade.

"When I first came to your class I said, 'Her class is going to be boring,' but now I know how to do a plié, a tendu, a passé, and an échappé! I just like doing ballet." -- Doneca, 6th grade.

  • Field trips to our Mickey Jarson Kaplan Performance Studio in the Cincinnati Ballet Center

  • Participation in CincyDance!, a program providing free dance classes and dance attire to young people with no previous formal dance training.

  • On-site performances at your school

Students and adults alike gain a greater understanding of ballet as an art form and experience of the joy of dance on multiple levels.

Cincinnati Ballet’s education and outreach programming is designed to coincide with teacher’s classroom curriculum, provide aid with proficiency testing, and all of our programs meet the national and state standards for arts education. 

According to the state of the Arts Report 2001, prepared by the Ohio Arts Council, "Research demonstrates that exposure to the arts will improve a child’s creativity, self-esteem, and overall capacity for learning."

For more information, contact Director of Education Julie Sunderland at 513-562-1124.

Education Donors

Advance Pierre Foods
Patti Alderson
Karen & Dan Arnold
Jean-Phillipe & Susan Autran
Jennifer & David Bastos
Barnes Dennig
Beth & Matt Bauer
Robin Wood Boue
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Bramkamp
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Brott
Mr. Dennis Buttelwerth
Ms. Lisa Canos Rumpke
Victoria Carroll
Chemed Foundation
Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati International Wine Festival
Nancy R. Clagett
Clever Crazes for Kids
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Cody
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Compton
Crosset Family Fund (GCF)
Charles H. Dater Foundation
Courtney & Scott Deinlein
Arna Fisher
Patti & Simon Foster
Jeff & Ann Gibson
Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation
Sharon & Thomas Hattersley
Eric Henize
Mr. & Mrs. Wendel Hofmann
Mr. Brian Holbrook
Interact for Health

The Andrew Jergens Foundation
The Morgan Judd Memorial Fund
Travis Kelly
Mr & Mrs Daniel and Janet Leonhardt
Drs. Marcy & Stephen Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McCroskey
Ms. Leslie Mcintosh & Mr. Errol J. Stern
Mercy Health


Susan C. Moskowitz
Jennifer & Bradley Mottier
Ohio Casualty Foundation
Ohio National Financial Services
Mr. & Mrs. Marc P. Orlando
Dr. Nan L. Oscherwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Paley
The Daniel & Susan Pfau Foundation
Joseph A. & Susan E. Pichler Fund (GCF)
Ms. Mary Reinert
Ms. Judy Riker
John & Julie Rogan
Rumpke Consolidated Co. Inc.
William & Bonita Rumpke
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Rumpke
James Saelens
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Sansalone
Melissa Santomo
Ms. Donna L. Schiff
Steve & Loren Schramm
Ms. Rena Schroeder
Tracy & Phillip Schwegmann
Scripps Howard Foundation
The Ladislas and Vilma Segoe Family Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
Debbie & Michael Snyder
Randi & Alan Soloman
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Spray
Stillson Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee
The Louise Taft Semple Foundation
The P & G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Heather & Jonathan Theders
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
Amber & Adam Turner
Ms. Sheila Weber
Maria & Phil Wehrman
Susan Weil
James T. Westerfield
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wilmers
The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation


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