Meet the Cincinnati Ballet Company

Since 1963, Cincinnati Ballet has brought incredible dancers to stages in our city and around the world. Allow us to introduce you to our company of talented dancers before you join us to enjoy their artistry during our 2015-2016 Season.


Rodrigo Almarales

Rodrigo performed as a soloist from 2007 to 2009 with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Germany and was a top-seven finalist on Italian television show Amici in 2009. He spent the 10-11 season with Boston Ballet before joining Cincinnati Ballet in 2011.

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Cervilio Miguel Amador

“I didn’t want to be a dancer,” says Amador, now in his 12th year at Cincinnati Ballet. Initially athletic and interested in playing the saxophone, Amador’s parents gently nudged him towards ballet at the age of nine, and he’s been hooked ever since.

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Patric Palkens

After joining Cincinnati Ballet in 2011, Palkens quickly rose through the ranks to Soloist in 2012. Following a last-minute stand-in—and wildly successful—performance as Romeo in Romeo & Juliet, Palkens was promoted to Senior Soloist for the 50th Anniversary Season.

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Senior Soloists

Courtney Connor Jones

Sirui Liu

José Losada

Abigail Morwood

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James Cunningham

James Gilmer

Chisako Oga

Maizyalet Velázquez

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Corps de Ballet

Jake Casey

Jacqueline Damico

Ana Gallardo

Melissa Gelfin

Christina LaForgia Morse

Christopher Lingner

David Morse

Khris Santos

Grace Shivers

Daniel Wagner

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New Dancers

Taylor Carrasco

Serena Søvdsnes

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Luca De-Poli

Samantha Griffin

Laura Catherine Hilley

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Want to be a Cincinnati Ballet dancer?

Once a year Cincinnati Ballet holds an audition tour around the United States to find the best new talent for company contracts.

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