CincyDance! in Washington Park

Over 2,000 local third grade students from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky schools will have the opportunity to learn a dance set to a mix of classical and contemporary music. The students will have the opportunity to share a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime, collaborative community experience.

CincyDance! in Washington Park features an exciting program, hosted by Local 12’s Bob Herzog, with performances by Cincinnati Ballet, Faithwalkers Step Team from CHCA Otto Armleder, Clark Montessori’s Steel Drum Band, a demonstration by Cincinnati Kung Fu, local R&B singer/songwriter LoveKeyyz and popular band, The Yugos. Mascots in attendance are  Rosie Red, The Rumpke recycling mascot named Binny, Flying Pig mascot and Bee from the Queen City Bee.

“When I first came to your class I said, ‘Her class is going to be boring,’ but now I know how to do a plié, a tendu, a passé, and an échappé! I just like doing ballet.”

Doneca, 6th grade

Join in the fun!

“We are hoping that people will participate by watching the dance-along videos, learning the dance, joining us for lunch on the lawn at Washington Park, and enjoying a day of making memories with a shared community experience!”

-Julie Sunderland, Director of Education

CincyDance! in Washington Park 2017 run through:

CincyDance! in Washington Park 2017 Breakdown:

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