Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

» For what ages does Cincinnati Ballet Academy offer ballet lessons?
» What does a child wear to ballet class?
» Where can I purchase uniforms?
» How long are the classes?
» How many classes are included/how many weeks in the semester?
» Is there a performance?
» Can parents observe class?


For what ages does Cincinnati Ballet Academy offer ballet lessons?

Children as young as age 2 can begin ballet training. We require the student to reach the required age by September 30 of the current academic year.

Children's Division Ballet is separated into three different sections: CD1 (3-4 year olds); CD2 (4-5 year-olds) and CD3 (6-7 year olds).

Photo by Peter Mueller PhotographyWhat does a child wear to ballet class?
Cincinnati Ballet Academy has a uniform policy. Motion Wear is the official brand for our school – complete with the “CB” logo embroidered at the left hip. All students must wear the official uniform at all times. Female students must wear their hair in a tight bun (no ponytails) for all ballet classes and rehearsals.

Uniforms add to the professional atmosphere in the Academy and demonstrate our adherence to the principles of equality.

Female Students
Children’s Division
All Levels    Pink “CB” Tank Leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes

Please note: All tank leotards are cotton/lycra. Camisoles may be ordered in cotton/lycra or “Silkskyn.”

Male Students
All Divisions and Levels    Close-fitting white T-shirt or short sleeve white leotard, black tights or leggings, white socks, and white ballet shoes.

General dresscode guidelines
Please arrive at the studio in street clothes or coverups; we do not recommend traveling to class and walking into the building wearing only a leotard. You will be able to change in studio dressing rooms.

Inside the studios, no jewelry, watches, skirts, leg warmers, sweat pants, baggy shirts, unitards, etc. are permitted. Female students’ hair must be pulled back and secured in a tight “ballet bun.”

Where can I purchase uniforms?
Uniforms must be purchased through the Academy. Uniform leotards may be purchased at the reception desk at either Academy location or pre-ordered by submitting a completed leotard order form to the Academy. Sizing and pricing information is available on leotard order forms. Below is the list of styles and colors by Division.

The Dance House ∙ 616 Buttermilk Pike ∙ Crescent Springs, KY 41017 ∙ 859-344-6606 and Diana’s Dancewear ∙ 8958 Blue Ash Road ∙ Blue Ash, OH 45242 ∙ 513-792.0970, offer a 10% discount to Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy students. No discounts apply to uniforms. Uniforms are not available for purchase at Diana’s Dancewear.

How long are the classes?
Children's Division 1 and Children's Division 2 (CD1, CD2) are both 45 minutes. Children's Division 3 (CD3) is 60 minutes.

How many classes are included/how many weeks in the semester?
Chlldren's Division classes are held weekly. Each class meets once per week. Each semester last 16 weeks. Registration is for the entire year, which is 32 weeks. Each student receives a number of makeup vouchers in case they need to miss a class.

Is there a performance/recital?

Performance is an essential component of exceptional training for ballet and all forms of dance. Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy presents annual Spring productions to showcase our students’ accomplishments. Students of Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy in all Divisions will have the opportunity to perform the annual Spring Production of their division.

Cincinnati Ballet Academy students have the exclusive opportunity to be selected by the company Artistic Director and members of the Academy Faculty for roles in other Cincinnati Ballet productions. These decisions are at the sole discretion of the artistic staff.

Can parents observe class?

Yes! Cincinnati Ballet Academy offers a Parent Observation Week once per semester. These weeks are listed in the Fall and Spring semester schedule. During these weeks we invite you into the studio to observe your child’s class. Throughout the rest of the semester we generally keep the blinds drawn in the studios. Through experience, we have learned that the students are more likely to concentrate and participate fully in the class if they are not being observed. Flash photography is not allowed in the studios at any time.