Are there changing facilities for students?
While Cincinnati Ballet doesn’t have a designated locker room or changing area, there are several restrooms available for your use.
Do I need to audition? How do I know which class level is appropriate for me?
There’s no need to audition. Students are encouraged to look at the class descriptions to determine which level is right for them. You are also welcome to contact a member of the Otto M. Budig Academy administrative staff for support in understanding which class may be best suited to your needs.
How do I stay informed about what’s happening at the Otto M. Budig Academy?
Most academy communication happens via email so please make sure we have your email address. The Academy’s website and Facebook page are also excellent resources for staying in touch with current news and offers. If you’re at the Ballet Center, you can also check our message boards in the main hallway or ask a member of our reception staff for more information.
Questions? Contact us at 513.562.1111 or

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