Louise Nippert


Louise Nippert Memorial

Cincinnati Ballet honors the extraordinary legacy of one of our city’s great treasures, Louise Dieterle Nippert. Her remarkable generosity and passion have changed the cultural landscape of Cincinnati in profound ways. Rarely accepting recognition for her unprecedented gifts, her philanthropy stemmed from a genuine love of the arts, merely one of her diverse interests, and created countless opportunities for so many to create and perform in service of our community. We are forever grateful. She has left an indelible mark and her memory lives on with each note of live music that graces our performances.   

“Mrs. Nippert was a true visionary. Her profound love for the musical arts brought the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, May Festival and Cincinnati Ballet together in unprecedented ways allowing them to collaborate and further enhance each other’s offerings. It’s merely one example within a multitude of her inclusive and generous philanthropy and community service.  Prior to Mrs. Nippert, live music for the Ballet had been in a sad state of curtailment. There were fewer and fewer works with full orchestra and yet music is the primary motivator of our art form. Mrs. Nippert unexpectedly came to the Ballet’s rescue, as she has with so many others, allowing the amazing musicians of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to fill our dancers’ bodies with the rhythms and gorgeous melodies that make us more alert, expressive and better artists. I will always be grateful. Her interests are varied and bold, from her devotion to the Cincinnati Reds, her support of the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University to the ultimate in classical music – her beloved CSO. She is a force that will not be forgotten, as her influence and the results of her humble generosity and passion will continue to be felt for generations to come.”

Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director & CEO

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of Mrs. Nippert. The generosity that she has shown the Cincinnati arts community is inspiring. She was instrumental in securing live music for Cincinnati Ballet productions. Mrs. Nippert will be truly missed. Everytime I'm at a performance and hear the symphony start tuning, I know that there is a part of her still with us."

- Missie Santomo, COO

“Louise Nippert was a very special one-of-a-kind lover of music.  She and her husband gave most generously and very quietly to all of Cincinnati's arts community.  My wife and I were fortunate to be frequent guests of Gus and Liesel in their box at Riverfront Stadium during the glory days of the Big Red Machine. They were always the kindest of hosts. Mrs. Nippert will be fittingly remembered for her recent amazing gift that ensures the live music collaboration between our Cincinnati Ballet and her beloved Cincinnati symphony Orchestra. Additionally, though, I will remember a kind lady who touched us all with a life of wisdom and purpose.”

– Carmon DeLeone, Music Director


"It is impossible to articulate the depth of our sadness at the loss of Mrs. Nippert. She was the greatest benefactor imaginable, and she was so much more. She loved us and we loved her profoundly. She shared our great passion for the arts and loved the arts as a lifeline for every one of us. For her, no work was too difficult to accomplish on behalf of music, singing and dance. She worked along side of us, when she was younger. She bragged about making phone calls all day long while still wearing her nightgown. She made potato salad and delivered it to our parties at Reds games. She was one of us and she understood each of us in intuitive, compassionate ways. She was a glorious human being and it is impossible to say how greatly she will be missed. I feel like the luckiest person on earth to have known her."

- Rosemary Schlachter, Board Member

Our dancers on what it means to perform with live music:

"When I am onstage performing with live music I know that the entire theatre breaths as one; sometimes, holding that breath together, in awe.  Spectators and artists alike are so fortunate when they come to the Ballet here in Cincinnati.  We become engulfed with this audible addition that is sadly unavailable in other venues across the nation.  I have seen each dancer swell with even more energy and passion when our orchestra plays.  Live music makes us part of something big, something important; it raises the bar on the level of art we so desperately feel the need to achieve.  The power brings out parts of ourselves as artists that we never knew we had.  I know that because all of my senses are heightened on the stage and the experience is more complete, a fuller joy is brought to the eyes and ears looking back."

– Jimmy Cunningham, Dancer  


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