Daniel Wagner

  Daniel Wagner
  Monrovia, California
  Joined 2013

 “I watched the movie An American in Paris and wanted to dance like   Gene Kelly,” says Daniel Wagner, a trainee with CBII for the   2013-2014 50th Anniversary Season. Originally from Monrovia,  California, 19-year-old Wagner trained at the University of North  Carolina School of the Arts and The Houston Ballet Ben Stevenson  Academy. Wagner admires dancer Leonide Saratanov, and Le Corsaire is his favorite ballet. If he could dance any ballet role ever, Wagner would choose the lead male in Le Jeunne Homme et La Mort.
 “I’m  looking forward to dancing a lot, meeting new people and experiencing  new choreography,” says Wagner of this season with Cincinnati Ballet.
 Fun Fact: Daniel’s favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

2013-2014 Dancer Fellowship Sponsors: Dr. Jan Gallagher and Dave Herrman & Sarah Moore
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