Perry Bevington

  Perry Bevington 
  Kent, Washington
  Joined 2013

“I started dancing when I was 4,” says Perry Bevington, 19. “Kelsey (her twin sister and fellow Trainee this season) and I decided that ballet was what we wanted to do after we had attended a friends recital.  We told our mom when we were 6, after she had asked if ballet was something we still wanted to do, that we wanted to do real ballet... not fake ballet.” Bevington has trained at Pacific Northwest Ballet, and counts Rachel Foster and Lindsi Dec, dancers with PNB, as role models. Trained in Balanchine and a fan of classic ballets such as Swan Lake, she says of dancing: “When I hear a piece of music, learn a combination or piece of choreography, or am performing on the stage, the passion and emotion well up inside and you explode in expressing whatever you are doing. You can't help but dance, you feel that freedom and abandonment. And you think, ‘This is why I dance’.” Her favorite Bible verse is Timothy 1:7. Bevington is “looking forward to working with Cincinnati Ballet this year, as I feel it will provide me growth, new experiences, and opportunities to spread my wings both as a dancer and as an individual.”
Fun Fact: Perry’s favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn.

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