Swan Lake


In collaboration with
Choreography: Devon Carney, Gerard Charles and Victoria Morgan after Petipa/Ivanov
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

The tragically evocative love story of mistaken identity and retribution, Swan Lake, returns to Cincinnati Ballet once more in a tour de force collaboration with BalletMet Columbus. Choreographed after the Petipa/Ivanov original by Artistic Director & CEO Victoria Morgan, Devon Carney and Gerard Charles, Swan Lake combines two of Ohio’s great ballet houses for an awe-inspiring presentation of balletic precision and dramatic expression. Swan Lake will be performed in Columbus, OH the weekend of October 18-20, and October 25-27 in Cincinnati. The soaring, provocative score, composed by the legendary Tchaikovsky, is brought to life at the Aronoff Center for the Arts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Performance Dates and Times
Friday, October 25 - 8:00 pm Saturday, October 26 - 8:00 pm
Saturday, October 26 - 2:00 pm Sunday, October 27 - 2:00 p

Single tickets start at $32
*Prices subject to change

Meet the Artists will take place at 7:00 pm, October 25. [Learn More]


Friday and Saturday 8:00 pm
All Casting subject to change. A complete listing will be available at the show.

Odette / Odile Janessa Touchet
Siegfried Patric Palkens
Von Rothbart Zack Grubbs

Danielle Bausinger and Maizyalet Velázquez
James Cunningham and Thomas Caleb Roberts

Neapolitan Abigail Morwood and Cervilio Miguel Amador

Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm
All Casting subject to change. A complete listing will be available at the show.

Odette / Odile Sarah Hairston
Siegfried Romel Frometa
Von Rothbart James Gilmer
Benno and Pas de Trois Rodrigo Almarales with Danielle Bausinger and Sirui Liu

Ana Gallardo and Sirui Liu
Joshua Bodden and Zack Grubbs



Act One
It’s Prince Siegfried’s 21st birthday and royal guests have gathered to celebrate his coming of age. The revelries are interrupted when the Queen Mother arrives to give the Prince a crossbow for his birthday. She reminds him that because he is of age now, he must choose a wife at the royal ball the following evening. Siegfried reluctantly agrees but is distraught at the thought of not being able to marry for love. The celebration continues but Benno, Siegfried’s best friend, notices Siegfried’s melancholy mood. His friends try to lift his spirits but he insists on being alone. Finally they return and convince him to join them as they go hunting in the forest.
Act Two
Siegfried arrives, separate from his friends, at a lakeside clearing as a flock of swans lands nearby. He aims his crossbow, ready to shoot, just as one of them transforms into a beautiful woman, Odette. Siegfried is instantly enchanted by her. Initially, she is terrified, but as Siegfried assures her that he will not harm her, she reveals that she and her companions are victims of a terrible spell cast by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart. Doomed to live as swans by day, they return to human form only at night by the side of the enchanted lake, formed by the tears of their parents. The spell can only be broken by the oath of faithful love from one who has never loved before. The Prince, enraptured, swears his eternal love to Odette.
Von Rothbart suddenly appears. Siegfried threatens to kill him but Odette intercedes. If Von Rothbart dies before the spell is broken, she will remain a swan forever. Siegfried’s companions finally arrive with their crossbows aimed at the maidens but Siegfried stops them just in time and dismisses them. Alone with Odette, he dances with her until dawn. As the sun begins to rise, Von Rothbart’s evil spell descends upon the maidens, causing them once again to become swans. Siegfried is left alone to watch his love glide across the lake and fly away.
Act Three
At the royal ball the following day, Prince Siegfried dances with the eligible princesses but can think only of Odette. After dancers from Poland, Hungary, Spain and Italy entertain the crowd, Siegfried’s mother commands him to choose a bride. The Prince keeps his vow to Odette and will accept no one. Trumpets sound announcing the arrival of new guests. Von Rothbart appears disguised as a noble with his daughter, Odile. Siegfried is transfixed by Odile, as she has been bewitched to look like Odette. As they dance together, Odette is seen in the far window of the castle vainly trying to warn Siegfried of this deception. Von Rothbart makes sure she is not noticed. In front of the royal court, the Prince announces his intention to marry Odile whom he believes to be Odette. Immediately, Von Rothbart reveals their true identities and Siegfried realizes that he has tricked into breaking his oath to Odette. Grief stricken, he rushes out of the castle toward the lake.
Act Four
Back at the lake, Odette is distraught. The swan maidens try to comfort her but she is inconsolable. Siegfried finds Odette and begs her to forgive him. The swans depart, but Odette remains as the two reaffirm their love and Odette grants him her forgiveness. They are interrupted by Von Rothbart and a fight ensues. Rather than live apart, Odette and Siegfried throw themselves from a high rock into the lake. As the raging waters consume their bodies, Von Rothbart’s spell is broken. His power has finally come to an end and the swan maidens are free. Although no longer in the world of the living, the spirits of Odette and Siegfried are together as a new dawn rises

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