ALICE (in wonderland)


Who: Choreography by Septime Webre; Music by Matthew Pierce, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Carmon DeLeone; Costumes by Liz Vandal
What: An adventure in wonderland, where you can believe in many impossible things.
Where: The Aronoff Center for the Arts
When: February 13-15, 2015


It's always tea time in wonderland.

We cordially invite you and your guests to tea with Alice in wonderland! When you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, please promptly follow the White Rabbit (he's got a very important date). He will escort you to the tea party, where you will be greeted by various guests. Don't feel obliged to answer the Mad Hatter when he asks you why a raven is like a writing desk (unless you know the answer). Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are sure to fly by and the Cheshire Cat is slated to make an appearance, but you never know when he'll disappear. And whatever you do, don't offend the Red Queen – you might end up losing your head! Please RSVP to Cincinnati Ballet promptly. We look forward to following you down the rabbit hole!

“It’s going to be a wild ride... Precocious little Alice will lead us on a raucous journey where things are not always what they seem.” - Septime Webre, Choreographer

Meet the Queen of Hearts, Sarah Hairston Alice and the Cheshire Cat with Septime Webre
When it comes to getting into character, Sarah Hairston feels ready made to be the Queen of Hearts. In this interview we sit down to hear how Sarah works to balance the Queen of Heart's severe "off with their heads" nature with the ballet's funnier moments.
Known in the studio simply as "The Cat Pas de duex," this is the moment Alice and the Cheshire Cat become friends... but not without some practice. Janessa Touchet and James Gilmer sit down to talk about perfecting this difficult piece under the tutelage of choreographer Septime Webre.
James Gilmer as The Cheshire Cat  
At first Janessa Touchet, Cincinnati Ballet Principal Dancer, was worried about partnering with up and coming Corps de ballet Dancer James Gilmer during the difficult Pas de deux in ALICE (in wonderland). But after rehearsals began James began mastering the role, and the two were able to collaborate on more than just partnering... with the help of Janessa's cat, Esmeralda.
Left to right: Janessa Touchet; Sarah Hairston, Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy students; Maizyalet Velázquez | Photography: Peter Mueller


Friday, February 13 - 8:00 pm Sunday, February 15 - 1:00 pm
Cast A   Cast B  
Saturday, February 14 - 2:00 pm Sunday, February 15 - 5:30 pm
Cast B Cast A
Saturday, February 14 - 8:00 pm  
Cast A  


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  Cast A Cast B
Alice Janessa Touchet Melissa Gelfin
Caterpillar Maizyalet Velazquez Ana Gallardo
Cheshire Cat James Gilmer Romel Frometa
Dodo Bird Romel Frometa Zack Grubbs
Dormouse/Grandmother Jacqueline Damico Abigail Morwood
Eaglet Sirui Liu Courtney Connor Jones
King of Hearts/Father James Gilmer Romel Frometa
Mad Hatter/Lewis Carroll Zack Grubbs James Cunningham
March Hare/Grandfather Christopher Lingner Jake Casey
Queen of Hearts/Mother Sarah Hairston Gema Diaz
Tweedle Dee James Cunningham Christopher Lingner
Tweedle Dum Jake Casey Khris Santos
White Rabbit/Butler Cervilio Miguel Amador Rodrigo Almarales
ALICE kids cast announced!

ALICE (in wonderland): Story

Act I
Alice daydreams as her family swirls around her chaotically.  She is mesmerized by the mysterious and quirky Lewis Carroll, a family friend, who takes Alice on a boat ride and picnic in the country.
During their picnic, Lewis Carroll begins telling Alice an astounding story of a little girl’s adventures in a wonderland.  As Alice drifts to sleep, a White Rabbit hops by.  The nervous Rabbit checks his pocket watch because he’s late.  He quickly leaps into a rabbit hole; Alice follows.  She falls for what seems like miles.
Alice lands with a thud in a hallway filled with closed doors.  She drinks a potion and grows quite tall; she fans herself and shrinks quite small.  Through a keyhole, the tiny Alice catches her first glimpse of the evil Queen of Hearts.  When Alice eats a bit of cake and returns to normal size, she can no longer fit though the tiny door that leads to the wondrous world.
Frightened and confused, Alice cries a pool of tears.  The Dormouse swims by and befriends Alice.  Then, a Dodo Bird, an Eaglet and a flock of Flamingos plop into the pool.  The Dodo Bird decides the best way to get everyone dry is to dance a Caucus Race.
Alice comes upon a Fish footman who is delivering an invitation to the Queen of Hearts’ croquet game to the Frog footman who works for the Duchess.  Inside the Duchess’ cottage, bedlam reigns.  The Duchess is agitated because the Cook has put too much pepper into the soup.
While walking along, Alice comes upon a Cheshire Cat, who appears and disappears on a whim.  Later, when Alice looks up to the sky she finds he has become the moon.  She then meets a peculiar Caterpillar who smokes a hookah pipe before metamorphosing into a butterfly before her eyes.  Next, Alice stumbles into a puzzling tea party with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse.
Act II
Card gardeners have accidentally planted white roses in the Queen’s garden. The Queen of Hearts only wishes to grow red roses.  Fearing her wrath, they paint the roses red.  The Queen’s court spills by and Alice sees her friend the White Rabbit and the Queen’s Joker.  Alice is invited by the Queen to play a very different game of croquet using Flamingo mallets and Hedgehogs as croquet balls.  Blaming the Hedgehogs for losing the match, the Queen proclaims, “off with their heads.”  Alice saves the Hedgehogs and the angry Queen chases her into the forest.
In the forest, Alice happens upon a Rocking-Horse-Fly, a Bread-and-Butterfly and beautiful Snap-Dragon-Flies.  Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee playfully argue as they pass by.  Alice reflects on her amazing journey with the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Tweedle Twins.  The languid group is suddenly threatened by the ultimate danger: the Queen’s Jabberwock.  To protect her new friends, Alice slays the beast.
Back at the Queen’s palace, Alice is arrested and put on trial for her crime.  Utter confusion breaks out in the court while the Queen shouts, “off with her head.”  Alice realizes the silliness of the Queen and her court and they fall like a house of cards.  She awakens from her dream and finds herself at home.


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